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We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about our four year ACGME accredited adult psychiatry residency program, and hope that this website will be helpful to you.

Our psychiatry residency program has been in existence and accredited since October 15, 1950, and has played a significant role in preparing physicians to be successful psychiatrists with a focus on community psychiatry and public service. Our faculty is highly committed, and provides excellent training, research, and other academic opportunities to psychiatry residents.

Throughout their four years of training, our residents gain a wide range of experience in federal, private, and state programs and in academia through our educational affiliation with Drexel University Program, Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Our goal is to provide residents with excellent and balanced training that prepares them in clinical, community and public psychiatry.

Our program's administration is located in the Springer Building on the main campus for the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH) in New Castle, Delaware, which is just south of Wilmington and about 30 minutes south of Philadelphia.

Some of the program features we are most proud of include the following:

  • Community Psychiatry:

    Clearly the focus of our program is on community psychiatry and public service. Residents have an opportunity to work in a myriad of community settings including office-based services, home visits, street-based outreach, publicly-funded inpatient unit, emergency psychiatry department, methadone, and other clinics, and more.

  • Co-occurring Mental Illness ⁄ Substance Use Conditions:

    The Delaware Psychiatry Residency Program is an integral part of the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. Residents are constantly provided an opportunity to learn and work in an environment that supports the latest evidence-based practices in the treatment of this population. The Division has received COSIG grant for 5-year program to further develop co-occurring services.

  • Faculty:

    Our collective faculty has a significant amount of diverse experience and education. Additionally, based on program needs, resident requests, and the national exposure of our faculty and administrative leaders, the program partners with academic institutions and research entities to bring the "newest and best" information to our residents.

  • Forensic Psychiatry:

    One of the publicly supported inpatient units where residents rotate provides services to persons who are found to be guilty but mentally ill, not guilty by reason of insanity, or who are being evaluated for competency to stand trial.

  • Medication Utilization Research:

    DSAMH participates in a Comprehensive Neuroscience Behavioral Pharmacy Management Program that provides education services and peer consultation to Delaware prescribers if a patient hits a high dose Quality Indicator and/or when there are polypharmacy practices that are outside of best practice guidelines.

  • Trauma Informed Care:

    In October 2010 the Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration (SAMHSA) awarded the State of Delaware a five year, $3.6 million, Mental Health Transformation Grant (MHTG). The goal of the grant was system change and to create a Trauma Informed system throughout Delaware. Residents actively participate in the statewide trainings focusing on imparting knowledge on systems of care that are trauma informed. Residents also assist with screening, assessing and developing treatment plans for trauma survivors. Residents have conducted research and presented papers in national conferences on trauma focused care.

We hope that you will visit us and that we will have the opportunity to introduce you to our residents, faculty and the training program.

Gerard Gallucci, MD, MHS



Gerard Gallucci, M.D., M.H.S.

DSAMH Medical Director

Designated Institutional Officer


Daniel Grimes, MD

Residency Program Director

Delaware DSAMH Psychiatry Residency Program


Carrie DiBella

Psychiatry Residency Department Program Coordinator