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Employment Services

Pathways to Employment

Pathways to Employment (PTE) - Updates Coming Soon

The Division of Developmental Disabilities Services affirms that employment and participation in their communities is an important part of the lives of the individuals it serves.

General Information

Pathways to Employment is a program designed to support low-income teens and young adults with disabilities in Delaware who want to work. The program helps participants get prepared for work, find jobs, and succeed in the workplace.

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How to Enroll or Make a Referral to PTE

Pathways Application

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Pathways Brochure and Flyer

Pathways Brochure

Pathways Flyer

PTE Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate in the Pathways to Employment program an individual must:

  • Want to work
  • Be aged 14 to 25
  • Be enrolled in Medicaid and meet related financial eligibility criteria
  • Be in one of the targeted disability groups (persons with intellectual disabilities; autism spectrum disorders; visual impairments; or physical disabilities)*
  • Meet certain disability-specific functional criteria

* People with mental health support needs are served by a similar program called PROMISE.

List of Pathways Services

Pathways to Employment participants receive employment-related services to meet their individual needs. Services available through Pathways to Employment include:

  • Employment Navigation - the service recipient will be assigned an Employment Navigator that will help develop the employment plan, help connect the service recipient to employment services, and ensure services are being delivered in accordance with the plan.
  • Career Exploration and Assessment - Person-centered employment planning services which helps the service recipient identify a career plan and helps identify jobs that match their interests, abilities and skills.
  • Supported Employment Individual and Group - This service is designed for those that want to work and/or are employed but need continued support or skills training in order to obtain employment or maintain their employment or increase their employment status, whether additional hours or higher level positions. This service can either be delivered in as Individual Supported Employment (1 staff to 1 service recipient) or Small Group Supported Employment (1 staff to a range of service recipients, 2-4, that work together as a "crew").
  • Benefits Counseling - This service provides tools to help the service recipient and/or family to understand how to have a job and still maintain necessary benefits.
  • Financial Coaching - This service will help the service recipient develop financial strategies identified through benefits counseling and increase the service recipient's economic self-sufficiency.
  • Non-Medical Transportation - This service is available only when a service recipient has no other means and can only be used to gain access to employment services, activities, and resources related to employment. A Transportation Broker will arrange this service.
  • Personal Care (including a self-directed component) - This service provides assistance with activities of daily living associated with getting ready for work or in the workplace. Services can be provided by a Home Health Agency, a Personal Assistance Services Agency (PASA), or be self-directed.
  • Orientation and Mobility, Assistive Technology - This service provides consumers training to develop the necessary skills to travel independently and safely. This is accomplished one on one with the usage of white canes, guide dogs, or other equipment. This is a sequential process where visually impaired individuals are taught to utilize their remaining senses to determine their position within their environment and to negotiate safe movement from one place to another.
  • Orientation, Mobility, Assistive Technology - An item, piece of equipment, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities for service recipients. Also included in this service is an evaluation of technology need, training, custom fitting, maintenance, repair, etc. This service can only cover assistive technology that is not otherwise covered by traditional State Plan Medicaid.

Employment First Act of 2014

Delaware Code, Chapter 7, Subchapter 5

Medicaid Authority

Section 1915(i) State Plan Home and Community Based Services: Pathways to Employment program approved effective January 1, 2019

State Plan Amendment (SPA)

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Early Start to Supported Employment