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Volunteer Services:

Groups or individuals visit with residents of Stockley Center or participants at a DDDS day program remembering them during the year and on holidays and during special events. Interaction with participants/residents will include, reading books, assisting with craft projects, taking walks, playing games, providing conversation and/or just making them feel special. Volunteers engage individuals in programs/activities with the assistance of staff; they do not replace staff.
Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. Written permission from parent/guarding must be obtained prior to volunteering. 
People love to be entertained and have fun; that includes the people supported by DDDS. Group volunteers such as high school choirs, dance groups, church choirs, civic organizations, etc. are encouraged to share your talents and passions with us. These groups are welcomed throughout the year.
People living in neighborhood homes also welcome visitors. Residential sponsors remember them during the holidays, on their birthdays or any time during the year. Neighborhood homes are located throughout the state. 
This is a special program offered by DDDS and requires background checks as well as reference checks. Sponsors provide the opportunity for one on one friendships and community experiences for people outside of their day program, work and residence.   If you are interested in sponsoring a person supported by DDDS, please contact the Office of Volunteer Services for more information.
The Auxiliary of Stockley Center is a statewide 501C3 organization established in 1916. The purpose of the Auxiliary of Stockley Center is to further the interest of Stockley Center and DDDS through public education, public relations and to conduct activities beneficial to people receiving serviced from DDDS. Membership dues are $10.00 annually. For more information contact Gayle King, Volunteer Services Coordinator.
  • Must be at least 14 years of age
  • Complete a Volunteer Application
  • Be dependable
  • Have a desire to enrich the lives of others
  • Have the ability to work with in cooperation with staff
  • Follow guidelines and DDDS policies and procedures
For more information or to volunteer/sponsor please contact:
Gayle King, Volunteer Coordinator
26351 Patriots Way
Georgetown, DE 19947