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Division for the Visually Impaired - Services

In order to promote health and well being, the Division for the Visually Impaired strives to reduce or eliminate all barriers to lifelong personal independence produced by the sensory disability of vision loss.

In order to live up to our mission and objectives, the following services are provided by the Division for the Visually Impaired:

  • Early diagnosis and intervention
  • Education in the least restrictive environment
  • Family and individual counseling
  • Indepentent living skills, training and equipment
  • Vocational training and related job placement
  • Employment opportunities
  • Advocacy
  • Low Vision evaluation and enhancement

These services are developed and provided for the three groups of consumers:

  • Educational age (0 - 21)
  • Primary employment age (21-65)
  • Older Delawareans (66 +)