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Outside Healthy Homes - Building Materials

What are these materials?

Materials used outside the home sometimes require special care and consideration. Materials used outdoor can affect both the environment and the health of your family and pets. Being aware of the potential hazards outside the home can help you and your family enjoy a healthier environment.

What are the dangers?

When dealing with an older home or building, you must be aware of the potential to encounter lead paint and asbestos. Simple things such as the placement of landscaping, can affect air quality inside the home. Working with treated wood can lead to exposure to a variety of toxic substances. Even mulch can be a hazard as it can harbor fungus and bacteria.

What you can do...
  • If working on an older home, make sure there is no lead paint or asbestos to disturb during your project.
  • When building decks or other structures, research the available materials. Composites and treated wood all have advantages and disadvantages. Know how to properly work with the one you choose, or hire a professional.
  • Be aware of drainage problems and correct them as soon as possible.
  • Educate yourself on the types of plants you plan on using in your yard. Never place high pollen producers under windows or near air intakes.
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