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Where can I find it?

Lead was commonly used in gasoline, plumbing systems, paint and other products until 1978. In paint, the danger is in chips or dust. Older homes and buildings with deteriorating lead paint can be significant sources of exposure. Soils around these homes can also pose a risk, particularly to children who regularly play in these areas.

What are the health effects of lead-based paint?

Children with lead poisoning may not show signs of illness. However, even low exposure can result in permanent learning, hearing and behavioral problems, stunted growth and long-lasting brain damage.

What you can do...
  • If you live in a home or building built before 1980, find out if there is lead paint on the exterior. Siding is a concern, but consider railings and windows as well.
  • If your home has lead paint, consult with a qualified firm.
  • Make sure children wash hands after playing in yards with potential lead contamination, particularly before eating.
For more information please visit: The Office of Lead Poisoning Prevention.

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