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Enforcement Measures

Noncustodial parents who do not pay child support established by court order are subject to enforcement measures to collect regular and past-due payments. The Division of Child Support Services has broad authority to collect and enforce the payment of child support. Our enforcement tools include:

  • Consumer Reporting - Child support debt is reported to consumer reporting agencies, which can affect the noncustodial parent's credit rating.
  • Court Processing - Cooperating with the court in the issuance of Capiases, also known as arrest warrants.
  • Federal Case Registry - National database that includes all child support cases handled by State IV-D child support agencies.
  • Income Withholding Orders - Employers are ordered to deduct child support from the noncustodial parent.
  • License Suspension - Suspending a non-custodial parent's license including: Delaware driver licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, occupational and professional licenses.
  • Lottery Intercept - Intercepting Delaware Lottery winnings.
  • Passport Denial - Passports are denied to any non-custodial parent who owes $2,500 or more in past due child support.
  • Tax Intercept - Intercepting State and Federal Tax Refunds.
  • Unemployment Compensation - Withholding of Unemployment Compensation.