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Director's Message

Division Director Ted Mermigos


Welcome to the Delaware Division of Child Support Services' (DCSS) website. We are committed to making your visit to our website one that is not only informational, but useful. We know that maneuvering within the child support system can sometimes be confusing. Information about Delaware child support can be found at the Child Support Services and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

The Division of Child Support Services employees are devoted to providing quality customer service and treating all who visit one of our three offices or call our Customer Service Unit with professionalism, dignity and respect. Customer Service is of utmost importance to us.

The employees at DCSS are extremely knowledgeable and are here to help. Our goal is to ensure all citizens of our state who need help or have questions about the child support system receive clear, concise, and accurate information by our dedicated employees. Again, we are here to help.

The division has recently added new 21st Century tools to give our customers more control over their child support case. DCSS has introduced a new Application for Services Website for custodial parents who would like to apply for our services. For custodial and non-custodial parents who have an open child support case with DCSS, you can have the many benefits of on-line access to your case by creating a user name and password in the Customer Website.

The Division of Child Support Services is committed to helping non-custodial parents. The Delaware Fatherhood Program (DFP) is a program within DCSS to assist non-custodial parents in obtaining educational assistance and job ready skills to find long term, sustainable employment opportunities. If you are or know of a non-custodial parent who is committed to learning skills to enrich their employment history, please contact DCSS, who can help with a referral to the DFP.

We know that the raising and caring of children starts from the day they are born. One of the most important and immediate things that both parents can do for their newborn is to establish paternity. The DCSS Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity program can assist both parents with the establishment of paternity for children born in Delaware. The benefits of establishing paternity for the child are vast and last a lifetime.

Lastly, the staff at the Division of Child Support Services looks forward to serving you. We encourage you to visit our offices, call our Customer Service unit, create a user name and password for the Customer Website and check out this website frequently.

As Public Servants, we are here to help both parents promote family unity and financial independence in our State.

Best Wishes,

Theodore G. Mermigos, Jr. Director