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Accounting Unit

The goals of the Accounting Section are varied in furthering the mission to foster self-sufficiency and reduce dependency of our constituents through the establishment and enforcement of child support payments to custodians.

The functions of the Accounting Section are divided among several supervisory units responsible for all but not limited to the following:

  1. Providing administrative support to the agency for receipt and distribution of incoming mail.
  2. Receiving, posting, and distributing incoming child support payments.
  3. Assuring timely and accurate data input for child support accounting processes and for the National Directory of New Hire employment data.
  4. Researching and adjusting child support payments that did not distribute via automation in a timely manner.
  5. Auditing financial records of child support payments, timely and accurately.
  6. Administering and operating an effective special enforcement process via Federal and State Income Tax Refund Offset, Federal Administrative (payment) Offset, Passport Denial, and Consumer Reporting.
  7. Maintaining and providing reconciliation of the various bank accounts used in the collection and distribution of child support payments.