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Crisis Intervention

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, have taken an overdose, or have harmed yourself in any way,
If you are having a psychiatric or substance abuse crisis and need assistance, please contact Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS):
Northern Delaware Hotline, call: 800-652-2929
Southern Delaware Hotline, call: 800-345-6785


What is Crisis Intervention Services?


The Division offers a continuum of Crisis Intervention Services. These services are located throughout the State in the Crisis Intervention Service Centers, the Community Mental Health Centers, the Recovery Response Center and Emergency Rooms. Crisis Intervention Service (CIS) staff are available 24 hours a day to assist people, 18 years and older, with severe personal, family or marital problems. These problems may include depression, major life changes such as unemployment or loss of an important relationship, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, delusions, paranoia and substance abuse.

The goal of CIS is the prevention of unnecessary or inappropriate hospitalizations of a person experiencing severe symptoms of a mental illness or substance related problem. By providing services in the community, CIS staff can better assess the consumer's environment, support systems and current level of functioning. They can gain a clear understanding of type of treament and support services that will be needed.

In addition to these services the crisis staff work in conjunction with every police department throughout the state, providing training in police academies, individualized roll call trainings and assisting in the evaluation of persons picked up on criminal charges who may require mental health evaluations and who may be appropriate for the State's Mental Health Courts.

Statewide Service Locations

Northern Delaware
Location & Hours Phone

Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS), Northern Delaware

NCC Mobile Crisis new address: Fernhook Building at 14 Central Avenue, New Castle, DE 19720.

Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Serves all of New Castle County and greater Smyrna in Northern Kent County.
Provides hotline support, mobile outreach and walk-in crisis services.


NET Detox
3315 Kirkwood Highway Wilmington, DE 19804
24/7 Medically Monitored Inpatient Detoxification Treatment
Individual and Group Counseling
Consumer Engagement and Transition Program

Recovery Innovation Recovery Response Center (RRC) 659 East Chestnut Hill Rd, Newark DE 19713. Offers facilty based crisis services for adults experiencing mental health or substance abuse crisis. Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year




Southern Delaware
Location & Hours Phone
Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS), Southern Delaware
700 Main Street (Rear Entrance),Ellendale, DE 19941
Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Serves all of Sussex County and Kent County south of greater Smyrna.
Provides hotline support, mobile outreach and walk-in crisis services.

Harrington Detox
1 East St, Harrington, DE 19952
Recovery Response Center
700 Main Street, Ellendale, DE 19941
Staffed 24/7
Provides recovery support services and crisis stabilization services to divert people from inpatient hospitalization and communicate the message of hope and the possibility of recovery. The RRC Living Room is a crisis alternative where people having a difficult time can become a guest where they receive comfort and hope from a team of Peer Support Specialists in recovery.


Additional Resources

Child Priority Response Hotline
Contact Lifeline
Domestic Violence hotline & info--800-701-0456
The Mental Health Association in Delaware
Veteran’s Hotline