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Clinical Bacteriology Testing

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The Microbiology section test a variety of clinical samples for infectious microbes. These tests include:

  • Throat Culture
  • Urine Culture and Drug Susceptibility
  • Respiratory Culture and Drug Susceptibility
    • Nasopharyngeal
    • Sputum
  • Stool Culture
  • Genital Culture
    • Cervical
    • Urethral
  • Wound and Miscellaneous Culture and Drug Susceptibility
    • Wounds
    • Ear
    • Eye
    • Nose
    • Tissue
  • Pathogenic bacteria reported include, but not limited to, Group A Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus, and gram negative rods such as Enterobacteriaceae (like E. coli) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa from clients treated throughout the state of Delaware, including our state service centers, colleges and universities, school based wellness centers, and partners at Department of Corrections and Office of State Medical Examiner. Our bacteriology testing includes screening stools and other sources for foodborne disease pathogens to include Salmonella species, Shigella species, Shiga toxin producing E.coli, and Campylobacter species. Other pathogens must be individually requested for screening. The State of Delaware requires all laboratories to submit organisms or clinical samples identified with foodborne disease to the State Laboratory for outbreak surveillance testing. Most laboratories use culture independent diagnostic testing (CIDT) to identify these organisms and no longer culture for identification. Outbreak surveillance testing requires cultured organisms for testing. If a laboratory or clinic identifies any organisms part of the appendices on the reportable disease list please submit to Delaware Public Health Laboratory.

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