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Health Care Connection & Voluntary Initiative Program

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The Health Care Connection (HCC) ensures access by uninsured individuals to primary care doctors, medical specialists, health promotion and disease prevention services; and helps with access to other health resources—including prescription programs, and laboratory and radiology services. HCC program staff are available to assist individuals with establishing a health care home, scheduling appointments, and removing barriers to obtaining healthcare and health promotion services.


HCC’s mission is to:

  • simplify the way uninsured Delawareans are screened for financial eligibility for existing public programs and resources;
  • link them with appropriate financial resources and a medical health home; and
  • ensure a continuum of care.


HCC seeks to improve individuals’ health status and reduce the inappropriate utilization of health resources by: 1) facilitating more effective use of primary and preventive health services; 2) providing case management and education to those with high-risk chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension; and 3) providing access to other needed health services.

HCC Services and VIP

Medical services are provided in the community through community-based Health Care Centers; and by private doctors who participate in the Medical Society of Delaware’s Voluntary Initiative Program (VIP). VIP is a network of private physicians statewide who accept HCC patients in their practices and serve as their health home or provide medical subspecialty services.

HCC recipients receive discounted medical services based on their income.

To be eligible for HCC, an individual must be a Delaware resident, uninsured, not eligible for state medical assistance programs such as Medicaid, exempt or ineligible for the Healthcare Marketplace, and must meet the program’s financial eligibility guidelines. To inquire about membership or eligibility, please call 2-1-1 or email the program.

HCC is administered by the Delaware Division of Public Health with funding support from the Delaware Health Fund. VIP is administered by the Delaware Foundation for Medical Services, a supporting foundation of the Medical Society of Delaware.

If you are a physician or health service provider interested in being a part of the Voluntary Initiative Program, please e-mail the VIP staff.

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