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Healthy Workplaces - Employers

Healthy Workplaces - Employers
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Maintaining a Healthy Workplace for your employees can reduce expenses and increase productivity.

As an employer or supervisor you have a responsibility to your company and to your employees. Taking steps to ensure a healthy and safe working environment in your company can have many benefits:

  • Reduced costs associated with accidents and employee downtime.
  • Increased worker morale and loyalty.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Enhanced reputation to market to clients.

Hazard communication is a vital part of safety on the job. Simple steps can help prevent illness and injury and make your employees feel safer as they go about their day.

  • Maintain an inventory of hazardous substances stored or used in the workplace.
  • Implement a written hazard communication program addressing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), labeling and employee training.
  • Each container of a hazardous substance (vats, bottles, storage tanks) is labeled with product identity and a hazard warning(s) (communicating the specific health hazards and physical hazards).
  • Material Safety Data Sheets are readily available at all times for each hazardous substance used.

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