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Data Information & Request Process - Limited Data Request

Data Request Process

A Limited Data Request under the HIPAA Privacy Rule may not include:

  • names;
  • street addresses (other than town, city, state and zip code);
  • telephone numbers;
  • fax numbers;
  • e-mail addresses;
  • Social Security numbers;
  • medical records numbers;
  • health plan beneficiary numbers;
  • account numbers;
  • certificate license numbers;
  • vehicle identifiers and serial numbers, including license plates;
  • device identifiers and serial numbers;
  • URLs;
  • IP address numbers;
  • biometric identifiers (including finger and voice prints); and
  • full face photos (or comparable images).

The following items may be included in a Limited Data Request but would require the requestor to either obtain an individual’s authorization or an approval of a waiver of authorization.

  • dates such as admission, discharge, service, DOB (date of birth), DOD (date of death);
  • city, state, five digit or more zip code; and
  • ages in years, months or days or hours


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