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Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) Site Visits

To ensure the quality of VFC vaccine and the integrity of the VFC program, the immunization program is required to conduct:

  1. Enrollment Site Visits: For newly enrolled VFC Providers

  2. Compliance Site Visits: 50% of VFC Providers should be visited each year.

  3. Unannounced Storage and Handling Site Visits: Minimum of 5% of enrolled and active providers must be visited annually.

  4. VFC contacts: as needed to clarify vaccine orders or compliance issues.

  5. Annual Provider Training: For immunization program staff to provide updates on program policies and information.

Site Visits that are scheduled and the results can be viewed from the table below:


Compliance Site Visit Schedule

Compliance Site Visit Results

Unannounced Visits Results


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VFC visits help determine a provider’s compliance with VFC program requirements. This includes identifying potential issues with VFC vaccine accountability and determining whether VFC vaccines are being handled, stored, and administered in accordance with the laws and policies governing the VFC program.  The review and evaluation of VFC provider practices involves assessing verbal, written, and visual evidence encountered during the visit to determine if provider sites are following the requirements of the VFC program.;


The goals of these visits are to:

  1. Identify areas where providers are doing well and areas needing additional follow-up.

  2. Identify the educational needs of VFC providers in order to support them with meeting program requirements.

  3. Ensure that VFC-eligible children receive properly managed and viable vaccine.

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