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What are Delaware School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs)?

  1. In Delaware SBHCs are operated by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals who use a holistic approach to address a broad range of health and health-related needs of students.
  2. SBHCs may be funded by state, federal and/or third-party billing funds; through a community partnership; through grant sources; but also require the support of the school with in-kind or actual dollars.
  3. All service components are reviewed by the local school board or governing entity based on the needs of the student population as identified through a needs assessment or a statement of need based on school data analyzed specifically for the center.
  4. Through primary prevention and early intervention Delaware SBHCs provide services to various student populations.
  5. SBHCs are not a substitute for the student’s personal physician and/or medical home but rather, act as a source for referral to outside medical care and as points of contact for supportive, comprehensive health services.
  6. All school-based health centers must receive school board/governing entity approval prior to making application with the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health for approval to become a Recognized State SBHC and before implementing such services.
  7. With school board/governing entity approval the following services may be provided in addition to Item #4 and in accordance with item #6 where applicable:
    • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
    • limited reproductive health services
    • HIV testing and counseling
  8. All school-based health centers must receive written parental permission prior to providing medical, mental and nutritional health services to students.
  9. School records and center records are kept separately to insure confidentiality.

For more information concerning all SBHCs contact the Division of Public Health School-Based Health Center Central Office .


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