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Long Term Care Guide

Requested Verifications

What should I bring to my interview with the financial eligibility social worker case manager?

Verification of all income and resources would need to be brought to the application interview, to be photocopied for the applicant's record. Anything checked on the application would need to be verified therefore bring documentation to the interview. If you have difficulty obtaining some of the information, your social worker case manager can offer suggestions for other sources or ways of obtaining the necessary verifications. The following is a list of typical items that may be requested to determine eligibility. Please bring the available items to the interview.

Verification Check List for Applicant & Spouse

___ Birth certificate or INS alien forms/cards
___ Social security card
___ Health insurance cards and proof of health insurance premiums
___ Power of attorney or guardianship papers
___ Marriage certificate or divorce decree
___ Military service documents
___ financial account statements (CD, money market, savings, IRA, etc.)
___ Bonds or stock certificates
___ Deeds to any property with the applicant's name on it
___ Contract for prepaid burial
___ Trusts
___ Copies of all income checks
___ Titles to all cars/motor vehicles with the applicant's name on them
___ Life insurance policies where the applicant is the owner
___ Any other resource or income information

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