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Long Term Care Guide


How does Medicaid look at resources that have been transferred?

Individuals applying for one of the Long Term Care Medicaid programs may be disqualified from Medicaid eligibility if they transfer resources for less than their fair market value during or after the 36-month period immediately prior to the date of their Medicaid application. The difference between the compensation received and the resources' fair market value is considered in determining how long the applicant could be ineligible for Medicaid.

Exempt Transfers

The transfer of resources rule does not apply and eligibility is not affected if title to the individual's home was transferred to the individual's

  1. spouse;
  2. child who is blind, disabled, or under age 21;
  3. brother or sister who has equity in the home and has been living there for at least one year before the individual was admitted to a nursing facility; or 
  4. adult son or daughter who has been living in the home and providing care that delayed the individual's admission to a nursing facility for at least two years.

Also permitted without affecting eligibility are transfers of other resources to the individual's spouse or blind or disabled child.

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