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What is the Delaware Health Care Commission?

The Delaware General Assembly created Delaware Health Care Commission in June of 1990 to develop a pathway to basic, affordable health care for all Delawareans.

The Delaware Health Care Commission embodies the public/private efforts which have traditionally spelled success for problem solving in Delaware. The Commission consists of 11 members, 5 of whom are appointed by the Governor, 1 appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the State Senate, and 1 appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Of the 5 members appointed by the Governor, at least 1 member shall be a resident of each county. The Insurance Commissioner, the Secretary of Finance, the Secretary of Health and Social Services, and the Secretary of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families or their designees shall serve as ex officio members of the Commission.

By creating the Commission as a policy-setting body, the General Assembly gave it a unique position in state government. It is intended to allow creative thinking outside the usual confines of conducting day-to-day state business. The Commission is expressly authorized to conduct pilot projects to test methods for catalyzing private-sector activities that will help the state meet its health care needs. To achieve its goals, the Commission strives to balance various viewpoints and perspectives.

The Commission strives to balance access, quality and cost concerns, and develop recommendations that represent the best policy for the most Delawareans.

Mission Statement

The DHCC strives to foster initiatives, design plans, and implement programs that promote equitable access to high-quality affordable care, improve outcomes for all Delawareans, and foster collaboration among the public and private sectors regarding health care.

Roles, Responsibilities and/or Goals:

  • Collaborate with other state agencies, instrumentalities, and private sector
  • Convene diverse stakeholders
  • Initiate pilots
  • Analyze the impact of previous and current initiatives, especially on diverse and underserved populations
  • Recommend policy changes to support improving equitable access to high-quality, affordable care


Nancy Fan, MD

Richard Geisenberger, MGA
Cabinet Secretary, Department of Finance
Ex Officio

Josette D. Manning, Esq.
Cabinet Secretary, Department of Health and Social Services
Ex Officio

Stephanie Traynor, PsyD, MBA
Cabinet Secretary Designee, Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families
Ex Officio

Trinidad Navarro
Insurance Commissioner, Department of Insurance
Ex Officio

Theodore W. Becker

Roger Harrison, Ph.D.


Nicholas A. Moriello, R.H.U.

Michael Quaranta
President Pro Tempore of the State Senate

Melissa Jones, R.D.H.
Speaker of the House of Representatives

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