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Children's Community Alternative Disability Program

This program is operated by the Division of Social Services. It provides Medicaid coverage to severely disabled children who do not qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or other Medicaid qualifying programs because of their parents' income and/or resources. Parents wishing to apply for this program for their child should contact the appropriate DSS Long Term Care Service Delivery unit.

Medical Criteria (Must meet all three):

  1. The child must meet one of the following disability listings set by SSI.
    1. The child's physical and mental limitations--including developmental limitations -- prevent the child from performing a full range of age-appropriate daily living activities and to behaving in age-appropriate manner.
    2. The child's impairment is comparable in severity to that which would make an adult unable to engage in substantial gainful activity such as employment.
    3. The child's disability is expected to result in the child's death.
  2. The child must require a nursing facility level of care (intermediate or skilled care) or acute hospitalization.
  3. The cost of care at home must be less than the cost of the appropriate institutional care.

The financial criteria for this program are the same as that of the DSS Medicaid Nursing Facility program. The child's gross monthly income cannot exceed 250% of the SSI standard. The child's countable assets cannot exceed $2,000. The parent's income and assets are not considered.