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Children in Healthy Homes - Drinking Water
What dangers are present?

Care must be taken in homes with children to ensure that they are not exposed to contaminants in drinking water. This is especially true for homes with infants being fed formula prepared with the homes drinking water. Nitrates, metals, volatile organic compounds and other potential contaminants can have serious impact on children's health.

What you can do...

Educate yourself.

If you are connected to the public water system, your local water quality report will tell which contaminants are in your drinking water, the levels at which they were found, and the actual or likely source of each contaminant. If you still have concerns about your water, you can purchase a filter for your drinking water, buy bottled water in multi-gallon containers or have a service deliver it.

If you get your water from a private well, you should have it professionally checked every year or so. Kits are available from the Division of Public Health.

Where does your water come from?


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