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Cancers Linked to Occupational Exposures

The list below is based on information from:

  • International Agency for Research on Cancer
Cancer Type Linked Causes
Lung Arsenic, asbestos, bis(chloromethyl)ether, chromium compounds, coal gasification, mustard gas, nickel refining, foundry substances, radon, soots, tars, oils, acrylonitrile, beryllium, silica
Bladder Aluminum production, auramine and magenta manufacture, rubber industry, leather industry, 4-aminobiphenyl, benzidine, naphthylamine
Nasal cavity and sinuses Formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol manufacture, mustard, gas, nickel refining, leather dust, wood dust
Larynx Asbestos, isopropyl alcohol, mustard gas
Pharynx Formaldehyde, mustard gas
Mesothelioma Asbestos
Lymphatic and hematopoietic system Benzene, ethylene oxide, chlorophenols, chlorophenoxy, herbicides, X-radiation
Skin Arsenic, coal tars, mineral oils
Soft-tissue sarcoma Chlorophenols, chlorophenoxy herbicides
Liver Arsenic, vinyl chloride

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