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Services and Programs

Click here for Services and Programs for Babies

Including information and resources pertinent to the care, protection of and programs for babies.
Click here for Health Information

Health Information & Statistics
Including statistics, immunization information and other pertinent health information.
Click here for Services and Programs for Children

This section lists services and programs offered by DHSS pertinent to the care, protection of and programs for children.
Information & Services for Professionals

Information & Services for Professionals
Including information about licensing, regulation, new hire reporting and working with special populations.
Click here for General Assistance Services and Programs

General Assistance
This section lists services, programs and other means of assistance to persons other than babies, children, aging and those with disabilities.
Additional Programs and Volunteer Opportunities

Programs and Volunteer Opportunities
Including information about additional DHSS programs and Delaware volunteer opportunities.
Click here for Services and Programs for the Aging Population

This section includes information and services available to the aging Delaware population.
Click here for Other Services and Programs

Other Services
Other frequently requested services and programs include obtaining birth, death and marriage certificates.
Click here for Services an Programs for People with Disabilities and Other Impairments

Disabilities and Other Impairments
Please refer to this section for information about and services for disabilities and impairments. These include: mental illness, mental retardation & other specific developmental disabilities, vision impairment and physical disabilities.