Current Suspected Overdose Deaths in Delaware for 2021: Get Help Now!

EFFECTIVE AUG. 16: At all state offices/facilities, employees and visitors will be required to wear face masks indoors logo

Division of State Service Centers - Services

The Division of State Service Centers provides several types of services to assist people in need.

  • Emergency Services help those who need immediate assistance to meet basic needs such as utilities, rent, or housing.
  • Individual and Family Services assist persons and families with a number of supportive services ranging from help for relatives taking care of minor children to distributing prescription medications to seniors. Such services also include family visitation centers which provide safe, neutral settings where children can maintain or re-establish a relationship with a non-custodial parent and information and referral through the Delaware Helpline ( ).
  • Community Services assist with the revitalization of low-income communities and help to empower low-income families and individuals to become self-sufficient.