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Sampling Powdered Solid Residue From a Solid Surface Using a Wetted Swab

Personnel           Task
  • 1a.  Opens the handle end of the swab
  • 1b.  Extends open package containing swab to collector
  • 2a.  Removes swab and transport tube from sterile packaging
  • 2b.  Removes cap from transport tube and discards cap
  • 2c.  Wets swab by placing it into transport tube containing a pre-wetted sponge
  • 2d.  Swabs an area no more than 100 square centimeters.
    • Note: Swab the area using horizontal S-strokes and rolling the swab. Repeat over the same area using vertical S-strokes. Entire swab should be covered with sample. Do not let the swab dry out.
  • 2e.  Places swab securely into transport tube
  • 2f.   Moves to sample decon area with swab in transport tube
  • 3a.  Sprays transport tube with disinfectant
  • 4a.  Checks to ensure transport tube is completed wetted
  • 4b.  Dries transport tube with clean paper towel
  • 5a.  Opens clear zip bag to be used as secondary containment
  • 6a.  Places transport tube into clear zip bag
  • 7a.  Closes clear zip bag
  • 7b.  Fills out sample information label
  • 7c.  Places completed label on clear zip bag
  • 7d.  Places security seal on clear zip bag
  • 7e.  Transports sample through final decon

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