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The Division of Public Health issues permits to almost 4,000 food establishments. Food establishments are operations that store, prepare, package, serve, vend or otherwise provide food for human consumption. This can include take-out counters in grocery stores. These operations are inspected on a regular basis to monitor for compliance with the State of Delaware Food Code, a national model endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The Food Code applies scientific requirements from the U.S. Public Health Services to assist facilities in developing active managerial control. This approach identifies the risk factors and key interventions most likely to impact the operation’s ability to deliver safe food to the consumer, and then reduces the risk of food borne illness through timely corrective action. Food establishments using active managerial control provide a safer product to consumers by establishing methods to control risks associated with:

  • Unsafe food sources - such as food not processed by a regulated, inspected plant
  • Inadequate cooking - such as food not cooked to the required temperature
  • Improper holding - such as food not kept hot or cold enough before being served
  • Contaminated equipment - such as not sanitizing food contact surfaces
  • Poor personal hygiene - such as food workers not properly washing their hands

To obtain information about a food establishment through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), please follow this link to the Request for information form .


Frequently Asked Questions


Plan Review

The Office of Food Protection conducts reviews of applications for new retail food establishments. The Office of Food Protection requires all Plan Reviews to be mailed to:

Plan Review
43 S Dupont Hwy
Suite C,
Dover, DE 19901

Walk-ins will not be accepted until further notice.


Food Establishment Inspection Reports

To find out more about food establishment inspection reports, please follow this link to the Food Establishment Inspection Reports page. See the link at the bottom of the page to visit the searchable database that is updated on a weekly basis.


Resources for Food Establishments


More Information

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Plan Review Packets

Food Establishment Plan Review
and Permit Application


Plan Review and Approval
For Mobile Food Units


Caterer Without Premises - Plan Review Packet

Forms and Applications

Food Establishment Change of
Ownership Permit Application


Application for Exemption to Offer
For Sale Baked Goods


Application to Operate
a Limited Frozen Dessert Stand


Applicant/Food Employee
Medical Referral


Employee Interview and
Reporting Agreement

Cantonese (Simp.)
Cantonese (Trad.)

Temporary Food Establishments

Temporary Food Establishment
Permit Application


Minimum Requirements for
Operating a Temporary
Food Establishment