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Code Annotation Part
2-101.11 Assignment of Responsibility Pf
2-102.11 Demonstration of Knowledge Pf
2-103.11 Duties of Person in Charge Pf
2-201.11 Responsibility of Person in Charge to require reporting by Conditional and Food Employees P
2-201.12 Exclusions and Restrictions Due To Disease or Medical Condition P
2-201.13 Removal of Exclusions and Restrictions P
2-301.11 Clean Condition of Hands and Arms P
2-301.12 Cleaning Procedures of Hands and Arms P
2-301.14 When to Wash Hands and Arms P
2-301.15 Where to Wash Hands and Arms Pf
2-301.16 Hand Antiseptics Pf
2-302.11 Fingernail Maintenance Pf
2-403.11 Animal Handling Prohibition Pf
3-101.11 Safe/Unadult./Honestly Presented Food Condition P
3-201.11 Compliance with Food Law P
3-201.12 Hermitically Sealed Food Source P
3-201.13 Fluid Milk and Milk Products Source P
3-201.14 Fish Source P
3-201.15 Molluscan Shellfish Source P
3-201.16 Wild Mushrooms Source P
3-201.17 Game Animal Source P
3-202.11 Temperature Receiving Specifications P
3-202.12 Additive Receiving Specifications P
3-202.13 Shell Eggs Receiving Specifications P
3-202.14 Pasteurized Eggs and Milk Receiving Specifications P
3-202.15 Package Integrity Receiving Specifications Pf
3-202.16 Ice Receiving Specifications P
3-202.17 Shucked Shellfish, Package/ID Pf
3-202.18 Shellstock Identification Pf
3-202.110 Commercially Processed Juice P
3-203.12 Shellstock, ID Maintenance Pf
3-301.11 Preventing Contamination from Employee Hands P(b) Pf(c)
3-301.12 Preventing Contamination When Tasting P
3-302.11 Separation/Packaging/Segregation as to Prevent Contamination P
3-302.13 Pasteurized Eggs, Substitution for Certain Recipes P
3-302.14 Unapproved Additives Protection P
3-303.11 Exterior Ice Prohibited as Ingredient P
3-304.11 Food in Contact with Soiled Items P
3-304.15 Gloves, Use Limitation P
3-306.11 Food Display Protected from Consumer Contamination P
3-306.13 Consumer Self-Service Operations Protected from Contamination P(a) Pf(b,c)
3-306.14 Returned Food and Reservice of Food P(a)
3-401.11 Cooking of Raw Animal Foods P
3-401.13 Cooking Plant Foods for Hot Holding Pf
3-401.14 Non-Cont Cooking of Raw Animal Foods P(a-e) Pf(f)
3-402.11 Parasite Destruction Freezing Requirements P
3-402.12 Records, Creation and Retention for Freezing Requirements Pf (a,c)
3-403.11 Reheating for Hot Holding P
3-404.11 Treating Juice P(a) Pf(b)
3-501.14 Cooling Time and Temperature P
3-501.15 Cooling Methods Pf
3-501.16 Hot and Cold Holding Time and Temperature P
3-501.17 Ready-to-Eat Food, Dating Pf
3-501.18 Ready-to-eat Food, Disposition P
3-501.19 Time as a Public Health Control P Pf
3-502.11 Variance Requirement for Specialized Processing Pf
3-502.12 Reduced Oxygen Packaging Criteria P Pf
3-602.11 Food Labeling for Major Food Allergens Pf(b)
3-603.11 Consumption of Raw Animal Foods Consumer Advisory Pf
3-701.11 Discarding of Contaminated Food P
3-801.11 Special Requirements for Highly Susceptible Populations P
4-101.11 Characteristics of Multiuse Materials P
4-101.13 Lead in Ceramic, China, Crystal Utensils P
4-104.14 Copper Use Limitation P(a)
4-101.15 Galvanized Metal Use Limitations P
4-102.11 Characteristics of Single Service Items P
4-201.12 Food Temperature Measuring devices Durability P
4-202.11 Food-Contact Surface Cleanability Pf
4-202.12 CIP Equipment Cleanability Pf
4-203.11 Food Temperature Measuring Devices Accuracy Pf
4-203.12 Ambient Temperature Measuring Devices Accuracy Pf
4-204.13 Dispensing Equipment Barriers Functionality P(e)
4-204.110 Molluscan Shellfish Tanks Functionality P(a) Pf(b)
4-204.11 Vending Machines, Automatic Shutoff P
4-204.112 Temperature Measuring Devices Design and Construction Pf(e)
4-204.115 Warewasher Temperature Measuring Devices Design and Construction Pf
4-204.116 Manual Warewashing Heaters/Baskets Design and Construction Pf
4-204.117 Mechanical Warewasher Sanitizer Indicator Pf
4-301.11 Cooling/Heating/Holding Equipment Capacities Pf
4-301.12 Manual Warewashing Sink Requirements Pf(a-b)
4-302.11 Utensils for Consumer Self-Service Availability Pf
4-302.12 Food Temperature Measuring Device Availability Pf
4-302.14 Sanitizing Solution Testing Devices Availability Pf
4-501.17 Warewashing Cleaning Agents Pf
4-501.19 Manual Warewashing Wash Solution Temperature Pf
4-501.110 Mechanical Warewasher Wash Solution Temperature Pf
4-501.111 Manual Warewashing Sanitization Water Temperature P
4-501.112 Mechanical Warewasher Sanitization Water Temperature Pf(a)
4-501.114 Chemical Sanitization, Temp/pH/Concentration/Hardness P
4-501.116 Determining Chemical Sanitizer Concentrations Pf
4-502.11 Good Repair and Calibration of Utensils and Devices Pf(b)
4-502.12 Single-Service or Single-Use Article Required Use P
4-601.11 Clean to Sight and Touch, No Accumulation or Encrusted Debris Pf(a)
4-602.11 Food-Contact Surfaces and Utensils Cleaning Frequency P
4-603.17 Returnables, Cleaning Methods for Refilling P(a)
4-702.11 Food-Contact Surface and Utensil Sanitizing Frequency- Before Use After Cleaning P
4-703.11 Sanitizing Methods- Hot Water and Chemical P
5-101.11 Approved Water System Source P
5-101.12 Water System Flushing and Disinfection P
5-101.13 Bottled Drinking Water P
5-102.11 Water Quality Standards P
5-102.12 Nondrinking Water Quality P
5-102.13 Water Quality Sampling Pf
5-103.11 Water Capacity Pf
5-103.12 Water Pressure Pf
5-104.11 Water System Pf
5-104.12 Alternative Water Supply Pf
5-201.11 Approved Plumbing Materials P
5-202.11 Approved System/Cleanable Fixtures P(a)
5-202.12 Handwashing Facility, Proper Installation Pf(a)
5-202.13 Backflow Prevention, Air Gap P
5-202.14 Backflow Prevention Device Design Standard P
5-203.11 Handwashing Facilities, Numbers and Capacities Pf(a)
5-203.14 Backflow Prevention Device When Required P
5-204.11 Handwashing facilities, Location and Placement Pf
5-205.11 Handwashing Facilities, Proper Use and Maintenance Pf
5-205.12 Prohibiting a Cross Connection P(a) Pf(b)
5-205.13 Scheduling Inspection and Service for Water System Device Pf
5-205.14 Fogging Device Water Reservoir Cleaning P
5-205.15 System Maintained in Good Repair P(a)
5-301.11 Approved Materials for Mobile Food Establishment P
5-302.16 Mobile Food Establishment Hose Construction/ID P
5-303.11 Compressed Air Filter in Water System P
5-304.11 Flushing and Disinfecting Water System for Mobile Food Establishments P
5-304.14 Dedicating Tank, Pump and Hoses for Water Only P(a)
5-402.11 Backflow Prevention of Sewage, Liquid Waste and Rainwater P(a)
5-402.13 Conveying Sewage P
5-402.14 Removing Mobile Food Establishment Wastes Pf
5-403.11 Approved Sewage Disposal System P
6-202.111 Private Home and Living or Sleeping Quarters Prohibition P
6-301.11 Hand Cleanser Availability Pf
6-301.12 Hand Drying Provisions Pf
6-302.11 Toilet Tissue Availability Pf
6-404.11 Distressed Merchandise Segregated and Designated Pf
6-501.15 Cleaning Maintenance Tools, Preventing Contamination Pf
6-501.111 Controlling Pests Methodology Pf(c)
6-501.115 Prohibiting Live Animals
7-101.11 Poisonous and Toxic Materials Identifying Information, Prominence Pf
7-102.11 Poisonous and Toxic Materials Working Containers, Common Name Pf
7-201.11 Poisonous and Toxic Materials Storage and Separation P
7-202.12 Poisonous and Toxic Materials Conditions of Use P(a-b) Pf(c)
7-203.11 Poisonous and Toxic Material Container Use Prohibition P
7-204.11 Sanitizer Chemical Criteria P
7-204.12 Washing Fruit and Vegetable Chemical Criteria P(a)
7-204.13 Boiling Water Additives Chemical Criteria P
7-204.14 Drying Agents Chemical Criteria P
7-205.11 Lubricants Chemical Criteria, Incidental Food Contact P
7-206.11 Restricted Use Pesticides, Criteria P
7-206.12 Rodent Bait Stations P
7-206.13 Tracking Powders, Pest Control Criteria P(a)
7-207.11 Medicine Restriction and Storage P(b) Pf(a)
7-207.12 Medicines, Refrigerated Storage P
7-208.11 First Aid Supplies Storage P(b) Pf(a)
7-301.11 Storage and Display of Retail Sale Toxic Materials, Separation P
8-103.11 Proposed Variance Documentation and Justification Pf
8-103.12 Approved Variance Conformance with Procedures P(a) Pf(b)
8-201.11 When Plans Are Required Pf
8-201.14 Contents of a HACCP Plan Pf
8-301.11 Requirements for Operations, Permit from Regulatory Authority Pf
8-404.11 Imminent Health Hazard, Ceasing Operations and Reporting P(a)
8-405.11 Timely Correction of Priority or Priority Foundation Item Pf(a)