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The Division of Health Care Quality -
Protecting vulnerable people through oversight and regulation.

Corinna Getchell, Director

Denise Elliott, Deputy Director

The mission of the Division of Health Care Quality is to protect Delaware citzens utilizing services in acute, outpatient and long term care health settings through:

  • Promotion of quality of care, quality of life, safety and security, and
  • Enforcement of compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations.

The Division is divided into three sections: Long Term Care Licensing, Acute and Outpatient Licensing, and Investigations. The Division provides the following services: Adult Abuse Registry; Background Check Center; the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Registry; Incident Reporting Center; Licensing/Certifying Health Care Agencies and Facilities; Promulgating and Enforcing Regulations; and, Investigating Allegations of Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment and Financial Exploitation.