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Alzheimer's Toolkit

Starting Point

Alzheimer's disease word collage

Top spots on the internet for Alzheimer's disease information

Signs and Symptoms

Head with color mosaic

Information for those who think that they (or a loved one) might have Alzheimer's disease

Living with Alzheimer's Disease

Purple ribbon

Helpful links for persons who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease

Caregiver's Corner

Tree with family members/caregivers

Support for family members and other Alzheimer's disease caregivers

Information for Professionals

File folders with magnifying glass

Resources for professionals in healthcare and social services

Alzheimer's Disease Research

DNA double helix

What we are learning about Alzheimer's disease causes and treatments

Alzheimer's Disease in Delaware

Map of Delaware

Delaware's programs and plans to address Alzheimer's disease

Bits and Pieces

Puzzle pieces

Miscellaneous information and resources about Alzheimer's disease