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Training and Development: Student Program


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Program Description

The Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health appreciates your interest in participating in the DSAMH Field Placement Program. The Division strives to provide students with the opportunity to put into practice their academic course work by performing professional activities appropriate to their field of study, giving them the experience that will prepare them for the transition from student to professional. Each field placement will vary in the nature of its purpose, scope, size, target population, consumer diversity, and specific function or role. Because of the unique services delivered at the various DSAMH programs, students need to research the activities that they would be performing in a field placement, to ensure that the placement will meet their educational needs and interests.

Program Manuals

The Student Manual is intended to provide the student with information and guidance on the Policies and Procedures of the Field Placement Program. The Field Instructor manual provides an outline of the processes of intake, supervision, and evaluation of students. It also details the roles and responsibilities of the student, the learning institution and their representatives, as well as yours as the Field Instructor. Finally, in the Appendix, you will find the necessary forms that need to be completed during the student's placement.

Have a question regarding the student field placement program? Contact the DSAMH Training Office at or (302) 255-9480.