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Microbiology, Clinical Diagnostics and Genomic Surveillance

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The Microbiology section performs a variety of moderate to complex analytical methods, specific for clinical diagnostics and genomic surveillance of microbial pathogens. All testing reported to submitters is CLIA compliant under federal regulations. Testing includes bacterial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing for suspect pathogenic bacteria from a variety of clinical sources to aid in patient diagnosis and treatment. Organisms are submitted by clinical laboratories throughout the state of Delaware to confirm drug resistance associated with multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Two dedicated biosafety level three (BSL-3) laboratories for Tuberculosis and biological preparedness testing are housed in the Microbiology section. The Delaware Public Health Laboratory is one of only two laboratories in the state with regulated BSL-3 laboratories. Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex is the causative agent of Tuberculosis. The Microbiology section confirms identification and performs antibiotic drug susceptibility testing on submitted isolates.

The Microbiology section continues to enhance our capabilities to perform complex laboratory testing. This includes the use of genetic sequencing platforms to improve identification of unknown potential pathogens. Several different genetic analysis platforms have been acquired to perform an array of laboratory tests to assist in identification of outbreaks including foodborne diseases. This includes targeted genetic sequence data as well as genomic sequence data.

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