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Lyme Kids Korner

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Image: BLAST Lyme disease poster


BLAST Poster – B–L–A–S–T Lyme disease! An easy acronym to help us all remember easy ways to help prevent Lyme and other tickborne diseases.

Image: Don't let a tick make you sick comic


Don't Let A Tick Make You Sick! Comic – Read a fun comic strip about how to stay safe from ticks!

Image: Don't let a tick make you sick crossword


Don't Let A Tick Make You Sick! Crossword – Information sheet and a crossword puzzle for kids!

Image: Trace the tick


Trace the Tick! – Use your tracing and counting skills to draw a tick!

Image: Trace your hand in the square and draw a tick


Trace Your Hand and Draw a Tick! – Be creative and draw a pesky tick!

Image: Color the deer tick


Color the Deer Tick – Get out your crayons or colored pencils and color this tick. Remember to stay in the lines!

Tick banner for Lyme disease Kids Korner

Image: Ticks and Lyme Disease Fact Sheet


Children and Lyme Disease – Lyme disease fact sheet for parents.

Image: Single Tick


Hey! A Tick Bit Me! – Great information for kids and their parents from Nemours pediatrics!

Image: Single Tick


First Aid: Tick Bites – General first aid and tick removal information from Nemours pediatrics!

Image: Single Tick


Evaluate Your Child's Lyme Disease Risk – Is your child at risk for Lyme disease? Read up to learn more!

Image: Check for Ticks


Check for Ticks – Kids, tell an adult right away if you find a tick on your body!

Image: Symptoms poster


Lyme Symptoms Poster – Have you experienced any of these symptoms? Take a look for some of the common symptoms associated with Lyme disease.

Image: Notification Form to Parents


Tick Bite Notification Form – Parents, make sure you are notified when your child is exposed to a tick during school activities or while attending summer camps. Share this form with your school and camps!

Tick banner for Lyme disease Kids Korner

Link to Lyme home page

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