Current Suspected Overdose Deaths in Delaware for 2021: Get Help Now!

EFFECTIVE AUG. 16: At all state offices/facilities, employees and visitors will be required to wear face masks indoors logo


During these uncertain times, the Division of State Service Centers expresses our gratitude to Delawareans for their patience as we take the necessary measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our staff will continue to be accessible but with service adjustments and modifications put in place to not only protect the health of people seeking assistance, but the frontline staff who deliver critical health, social and emergency services to them.

Client needs will be met in person by appointment only, or through phone, email or online interactions. Exceptions will be provided only for Delawareans with emergency cases, or those without phone or computer access - who will still be assisted at our sites.

Contact us for emergency service assistance or to make an appointment at 1-866-843-7212 or visit our website for your closest local State Service Center contact information.

We hope our new service adjustments will help you stay healthy by allowing you to stay home, skip the trip, slow the spread and flatten the curve. Together we all have the power to keep our communities healthy and save lives.