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Nursing Home MDS 3.0 Section Q Referrals to the Delaware ADRC

General Information about MDS 3.0 Section Q Referrals

Under the code of federal regulations 42 CFR 483.20 nursing facilities that participate in the Medicare or Medicaid programs must complete the Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessment for all residents admitted to the facility, including Section Q, which relates to possible transition to a community setting. 

Nursing homes are required to make a referral to the designated Local Contact Agency (LCA) for any resident who, in response to the MDS questions, indicates that he/she wishes to talk to someone about returning to the community. Providing residents with choices through information about care options and supports that are available to meet their preferences and needs helps to ensure those residents have the opportunity to access the least restrictive setting appropriate for them.

The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) has designated the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) within the Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities (DSAAPD) as the local contact agency for Delaware.

A nursing facility is required to complete Section Q of the MDS 3.0 in accordance with instructions from CMS. The responses to questions in Section Q will determine whether a nursing facility is required to make a referral to the ADRC. 

If the resident indicates that he or she does not want to talk with someone about the possibility of returning to the community or if the result of the Section Q questions indicates that a referral is not warranted, the facility does not need to make a referral to the ADRC. Otherwise, a referral to the ADRC is required.

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