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Long Term Care Guide

Home and Community Based Waiver - Persons with Mental Retardation

This program is operated by the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS). An individual applying for the Home and Community Based Waiver for persons with mental retardation must be in need of an intermediate level of care for persons with mental retardation as defined by Medicaid criteria.
This program provides individuals who qualify for the Medicaid Nursing facility program with the alternative of living in the community by providing special community based services. Services that Medicaid does not normally cover but are covered under this Waiver include the following:

  • Case management - The DDDS case manager helps the individual determine and obtain services that are needed to promote a safe environment in the community.
  • Habilitation services - Specialized training and supervision provided in certain residential settings. These settings are group homes, Adult Family Living Homes and Foster Training homes, Neighborhood homes, Supervised Apartments, and Staffed Apartments.
  • Prevocational services are aimed at preparing individuals for paid or unpaid employment. These are not task oriented. They are provided to individuals who are not expected to join the general workforce.
  • Supported Employment services enable individuals to engage in paid work in a variety of settings in which persons without disabilities are employed.
  • Day Habilitation services enable individuals to attain their maximum functioning level and reinforce skills/lessons taught in school, therapy etc.
  • Respite services are provided on a short term basis in the absence of, or for relief of, those persons normally providing care.
  • Clinical support is provided to individuals receiving services from DDDS as dictated in the care plan. These services might include, but are not limited to, psychology, nursing, occupational, physical, and speech therapies.
  • Environmental modifications are physical/medical adaptations to the individual's home which promote health, welfare and safety while allowing the person to function with greater independence so he/she will not be institutionalized prematurely.

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