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Long Term Care Guide - Financial Eligibility

What determines if an applicant is financially eligible for Medicaid payment for long-term care services?

The applicant's monthly Gross income must be less than 250% of the Supplemental Security Income standard. Effective 01/01/01 this amount is $1,325 per month. This income limit usually changes each January. Call your local office for current amount.

The applicant's liquid resources must be $2,000.00 or less. Liquid resources are items such as bank accounts, stocks or bonds, etc. The applicant is also allowed to designate $1500.00 for burial.

The applicant must be a Delaware resident.

The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or lawful alien.

The applicant must be willing to enter a nursing facility voluntarily, or accept services through the Home Community based programs voluntarily.

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