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Service Integrity and Enhancement

Service Integrity and Enhancement



Service Integrity and Enhancement (SIE) will work to promote and maintain the highest level of service throughout the DDDS service network, in order to:

  • Place the individual served in control of his or her life to the highest level possible, fostering achievement of life-goals and ambitions.
  • Ensure a safe, respectful, and enriching environment in keeping with person-centered service provision and all relevant federal, state and local standards
  • Recognize, reward, and spread best practices as our partners in the service network discover, implement, and validate them
  • Demonstrate integrity, professionalism, quality, timeliness, and attention to detail in our work.


Service Integrity:

Using the Quality Service Review (QSR), Evaluators from Service Integrity completes both on-site reviews and record reviews of all Home and Community Based Waiver Service Providers. During these reviews the Evaluation Team ensures compliance with the DDDS Provider Standards for Home and Community Based Services.

Service Integrity in collaboration with the Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection evaluates the licensure for Neighborhood homes.  The Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection issues the final License.


Service Integrity Resources:

DDDS Provider Standards for Home and Community Based Services

DDDS Policies

Long Term Care Regulations

Contact the Division of Long Term Care Residence Protection

Adult Abuse Registry


Incident Resolution:

The focus of the Incident Resolution is to provide guidance for providers and participants participating in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver programs regarding reportable incidents that impact the health, safety, and welfare of participants. By protecting the rights of Individuals with Disabilities and monitoring reported events that could threaten safety and well-being, Incident Resolution provides a formalized process system to identify, report, and resolve incidents in a timely manner.

By partnering with other agencies and stakeholders, Incident Resolution ensures all reportable incidents are thoroughly reviewed and corrective measures are in place to avoid recurrences. All agencies and stakeholders involved are provided system improvement documentation to ensure long term outcomes are successful.  Incident Resolution provides technical assistance to agencies and stakeholders though collaboration with the Service Enhancement and Integrity.


Community Relations:

Community Relations manages the relationships necessary to the growth and success of the organization.  Develops and expands relationships with community leaders and individuals served.   


Data Systems and Analytics:

The primary function of the Unit is to coordinate a systematic data collection and report-generating process that meets the wide-ranging needs of the Division.  The Data Systems & Analytics Unit also administers and provides oversight of the DDDS Electronic Case Record (ECR) System and the DDDS Adult Client Registry (ACR).