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What is Residential Services?

Residential services can include assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living, such as personal grooming and cleanliness, bed making and household chores, eating and the preparation of food, and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable the individual to reside in a non-institutional community-based setting. These services are individually planned and coordinated through the individual's Essential Lifestyle Plan (ELP).

The scopes of these services are based on the individual's need and can be around-the-clock or blocks of hours.

Residential Habilitation Services may be provided in a neighborhood group home setting, a supervised or staffed apartment (community living arrangement)

Authorized Providers:


NCC - New Castle County

K- Kent County

S- Sussex County

Authorized Residential Providers
Name Website or Email Phone County Referral Status
Autism Delaware Inc 302-224-6020 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals
Bancroft 302-691-8636 NCC Accepting Referrals
Chesapeake Care Resources 410-287-5040 NCC Accepting Referrals
Chimes Delaware 302-452-3400 NCC, K, S NOT Accepting Referrals
Choices for Community Living 302-677-1375 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals
Commonwealth Supportive Services 267-207-1941 NCC Accepting Referrals
Community Interactions 610-328-9008 NCC Accepting Referrals
Community Systems Inc 302-325-1500 NCC Accepting Referrals
Connections Community Support 302-230-9102 NCC, K, S NOT Accepting Referrals
Crossroads Unlimited Inc 718-420-6330 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals
Delaware Mentor 302-934-0512 NCC, K, S NOT Accepting Referrals
Delmarva Community Services Inc. 800-439-1222 K, S NOT Accepting Referrals
Devereux 610-251-2017 NCC Accepting Referrals
Dove Pointe 410-341-4472 S Accepting Referrals
Hidden Acres 302-492-1962 K NOT Accepting Referrals
Ken Crest 302-734-3800 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals
Keystone Human Services Mid Atlantic 302-286-7234 NCC Accepting Referrals
Merakey 856-797-1250 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals
Mosaic Delaware 302-456-5995 NCC Accepting Referrals

Passavant   412-820-1015
Ext. 619
NCC NOT Accepting Referrals

Point of Hope 302-731-7676 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals
Progressive Residential Services 248-641-7200 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals
Quality Management Associates 856-735-1011 NCC, K Accepting Referrals
Resources for Human Development 302-731-4570 NCC Accepting Referrals
Salvation Army 302-934-3730 S Accepting Referrals
Sea Care, LCC 302-933-0406 K,S Accepting Referrals
St. John's Community Services 302-250-2505 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals
Tobola Health Care Services Inc. 302-357-8363 NCC, K, S Accepting Referrals

This directory contains contact information for provider agencies that have been authorized to accept referrals by the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) to provide RESIDENTIAL SERVICES for the people it serves. While an agency listed may provide services for people other than those who are eligible to receive services from DDDS, the DDDS authorization is applicable to an agency only to the extent that it serves DDDS consumers. You may click on the links to access their Websites or for those without Websites their email address is listed. All of the agency's phone numbers are also listed.