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Authorized Provider System General Information

The need for the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) to recruit and maintain a pool of qualified day and residential service providers becomes more acute as the Division continues its transition from a prescriptive to a self-determined service delivery system. If the DDDS is going to be successful in the promotion of self-determined services, it must establish an effective process for procuring community-based services that is based on a system that facilitates the exercise of individual / family / representative choice and is supported by a published-rate system that ensures fairness and equity among certified providers through the use of objective criteria. Some important ways that the APS ( including published-rates ) benefits people with mental retardation/developmental disabilities and their families include:

For People with MR / Developmental Disabilities and Their Families -

  • Enhanced individual / family empowerment and decision-making
  • Clearer expectations for individuals / families and providers
  • Increased choice of providers
  • More flexibility for the changing needs of consumers

For Providers -

  • Levels the playing field - information, opportunities, and rates
  • Reduced paperwork and process for providing services to new individuals ( e.g., project announcements, Requests for Letters of Interest )
  • Ability to increase the types of services that can be provided as well as develop innovative service models

For the State -

  • Enhanced competition around quality of services
  • Increased ability of new providers to enter the system (e.g.,small and minority businesses )
  • Expanded provider network
  • Reduced paperwork and processes for providing services to new individuals (e.g., project announcements, Request for Letters of Interest )
  • Enhanced working relationships with consumers, their families, and providers