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Employers play a crucial role in the success of the child support program. With your cooperation, more children in Delaware and other states receive the financial support they need to lead healthy and happy lives. As a Delaware employer, please read the Employer Letter for the latest changes in legislation.

NEW HIRE REPORTING - State and federal laws require employers to report all new employees to the New Hire Directory within 20 days from the date they are hired. Please visit the NEW Delaware State Directory of New Hire Reporting WEBSITE for instructions.

ATTENTION EMPLOYERS: Effective 10/01/13 all Income Withholding Orders (IWO) and National Medical Support Notices (NMSN) issued from the new DE Child Support System (DECSS) will still be in the same federal format; however, DECSS will issue one IWO and one NMSN per case. This is a CHANGE in our business process.

  • You may receive one, or more, Income Withholding Orders (IWOs) to withhold wages and forward child support payments from an employee's earnings, and;
  • You may be ordered to provide medical support by enrolling an employee's child(ren) in a health benefit plan and to withhold the appropriate premium amount from the employee's wages.

Previously IWOs and NMSNs were issued per employee, even if that employee is responsible for multiple child support obligations. DCSS recognizes the number of notices requiring your response may increase; we apologize, but thank you for your cooperation and assistance in meeting the financial and medical needs of children.

  • You may opt to participate in our Electronic Funds Transfer program.
  • PAYMENT ADDRESSES: All child support payments must be mailed to the appropriate PO Box listed below.
    1. Employers and Other State's IV-D Agencies Payments: DCSS, P.O. Box 12287, Wilmington, DE 19850
    2. Non-Custodial Parent/Obligor Payments: DCSS, P.O. Box 12831, Wilmington, DE 19850
    3. Other Special Payments: DCSS, P.O. Box 12811, Wilmington, DE 19850

iPayOnline is a NEW convenient, secure and easy way for individuals and employers to make child support payments. iPayOnline: a) Eliminates check writing, b) Enables employers to categorize employee cases/payments into organizational units/divisions, d) Enables tracking of pending payments, and f) Viewing of the payment history. To get started, users need to register online. Note: Employers must have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). Upon successful registration, users will be able to submit a one time, or recurring, electronic child support payment (at no charge).

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) thanks you for your efforts and cooperation in complying with these laws.