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TANF Eligibility - Grant Calculator

Household Size
Grant/Payment Standard
Hours Worked Per Week
Minimum Wage or Wage earned
Monthly Earned Income
Unearned Income
Gross Monthly Income
Standard of Need (75% Federal Poverty Level)
(heat & ac=$390, limited=$266, 1 utility=$71, phone=$21)
Gross Test
Gross income< 185% of Standard Of Need
Applicant Test
Earned Income- Work Deduction - Child Care Deduction +
Unearned income < Payment Standard
Work Deduction
Dependent Care Deduction*
Recipient Test
(Earned Income - Work Deduction - Child Care Deduction - $30)-
(Earned Income - Work Deduction - Child Care Deduction - $30)/3 +
Unearned income < Standard of Need
Net Income
Grant**(Not to Exceed Payment Standard)
Food Stamp Budget for TANF Family
This calculator produces an estimate of the food stamps a household could expect to receive. It does not include deductions for medical expenses, child support, insurance and taxes, or compensate for possible differences in household size between TANF and Food Stamp cases. This estimate should not be used to decide if you are eligible for food stamps or the amount of food stamps available as it may significantly overestimate or underestimate the actual food stamps allotment.
Wages FS Net Income  
Earned Income Deduction With "$30+1/3"
Net Earnings With $30
Unearned Income (TANF Grant) With No Deduction
With "$30+1/3" Allotment
With $30 With "$30+1/3"
With No Deduction With $30
  With No Deduction
Total Income  
With "$30+1/3" Maximum allotment:
With $30  
With No Deduction  
Standard Deduction  
Adj. Income  
With "$30+1/3"  
With $30  
With No Deduction  
Shelter Deduction*  
Want to know more about your eligibility or apply for TANF and Food Stamps?
TRY ASSIST! The Delaware Application for Social Services and Internet Screening Tool, at

ASSIST is a web site that allows individuals and community based organizations access
to screen and apply for a broad range of social programs.
ASSIST serves as a single access point for: Medical Assistance, Long Term Care, Cash
Assistance, Food Stamp Benefits, and Child Care Services
Grant with "$30+1/3"    
(Applied until 4 consecutive months of    
employment is achieved) Grant = 
Net income for grant purposes  

Grant with $30 Deduction    
(8 Additional Months) Grant = 
Net income for grant purposes  

Grant with No Deduction Grant = 
Net income for grant purposes  
*Dependent care expenses as paid up to $200 per month per dependent child under age two (2) and up to $175 per month per dependent child or incapacitated adult. The dependent child or incapacitated adult must be living in the home and receiving TANF for the earner to receive this deduction. **Calculation = (Standard Of Need-Net Income)x50%
Last Updated: Friday April 03 2009
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