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Delaware Volunteer Credit Program

Established by the Delaware General Assembly in 1998, allows students grades 9-12 to earn 1 elective credit towards graduation upon completing 90 hours of community service during 2 semesters. The semesters do not have to be consecutive or in the same calendar year. Hours must be performed outside the student's regularly scheduled school day.

Volunteer hours completed as part of a service group requirement may also be used towards the Delaware Volunteer Credit. Volunteer activity cannot be political or advocacy in nature. Hours must be performed at a non-profit agency in Delaware . Service must be approved by the State Office of Volunteerism. Those not previously approved will be contacted to research their ability to meet the criteria for the credit.

Volunteer activity cannot be political or advocacy in nature. Valid volunteer service must not include
inherently religious activities such as religious worship, religious instruction, or religious proselytizing. Service
performed at or with a faith-based organization must have a secular purpose and meet a recognized need in the
greater community. Examples: Time spent teaching bible school at a church camp would not be valid for the
DVC. Whereas, leading nature activities at a summer camp hosted by a church open to the broad community
would be valid service for the DVC. Also, helping sort coats for a church-sponsored community clothing closet
would be valid for the DVC. Sites must be approved by the Office of Volunteerism. Those not previously
approved will be contacted to research their ability to meet the criteria for the credit. For specific questions please contact: 255-9899.

This program can be structured in any way that works for your school but should include:

  1. Locate a Non-Profit Volunteer Site
    If the student is already volunteering, contact the State Office of Volunteerism to make certain the site meets the criteria. Service hours beginning the summer of 1998 are eligible, provided the volunteer site will verify them. If the student is looking for a site to be of service, have them log onto
  2. Keep Track of Student Service Hours
    Delaware Volunteer Credit Forms can be downloaded by going to Delaware Volunteer Credit Verification Form (Text only version). In addition, verification may be in the form of notification on the agency's letterhead. The signature of an agency representative is required to verify the hours. The student is responsible for the tracking of hours, and submitting completed hours to the school representative.
  3. Completion of the 90 service hours
    Once the student has submitted verification of 90 hours of service to the school representative two things take place:
    • The School notifies the State Office of Volunteerism to issue a Certificate of Recognition: Please use the enclosed Completion Verification Form or submit a letter that includes all of the following: Student's Name, Address, School and Grade, Total Number of Hours Served, Agency(ies) where community service was performed, Dates of Service, and Signature of School Counselor/Official.
      Note: Deadline for submission of Verification Form (or letter) is April 15.
      Volunteer Delaware mails Certificate to School Principal around May 15.
    • Process Delaware Volunteer Credit: Upon receipt of the certificate, the school should use its normal process to affix the Credit to the student's academic transcript.
      Note: A student may receive the DVC only once during his/her high school career. Service requirements, such as internships performed in conjunction with class work that results in the receipt of an academic credit may NOT be counted as service hours toward completion of the DVC. Service hours accumulated as a result of membership in service clubs (Key Club, 4-H) or Societies (National Honor) MAY BE counted toward the Credit.
  4. Presentation of Certificate of Recognition to Student by School Administrator.

Last Updated: Monday July 16 2012
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