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Delaware Newborn Hearing Screening Program

All birthing sites provide hearing screening prior to discharge.  Your baby can be tested safely within the first day of life.

How is the Screening Completed?

A trained person will screen your baby’s hearing using special computerized equipment.  The screening test is not painful and can be given while your baby is asleep.  It will show whether your baby’s hearing is normal, or if further testing is needed.  You will receive the results of the hearing screening before you leave the birthing site.

What if My Baby Does Not Pass?

About 1 out of every 10 newborns will need to be re-screened.  This does not mean he or she is deaf or hard of hearing.  Sometimes the baby is too fussy during the screening or there is birthing debris in the ears.

If the screening results indicate your infant should be re-screened, it is important to have it done within the first month.  The hospital will schedule an appointment for you to have this re-screening completed by trained personnel.

Last Updated: Friday January 16 2009
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