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Female Condom

What Is It?

A sheath made of polyurethane with rubber rings at each end that covers the vagina

How Does It Work?

  • Creates a barrier between penis and vagina
  • Collects and holds the semen

How Is It Used?

  • Must be inserted before contact between penis and vagina
  • Insert ring at closed end deep inside vagina. Opened ring stays outside the vagina
  • The condom is removed after sex, and thrown away without spilling the semen
  • Condom is used only once


79% - 95%


  • Women can assure protection
  • Can be bought at many drugstores
  • Can be placed in vagina up to 8 hours before use
  • The material is stronger than latex
  • Can be used for people with latex allergies

Possible Concerns:

  • May slip out of place during sex
  • May be difficult for some women to insert at first
  • May cause irritation or discomfort
  • May increase risk for toxic shock syndrome, if left in too long